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mobile marketing

What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is making marketing using with smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, social media, apps, multiple channels to reach target audience. More users are spending time with mobile phones of larger amount of time. Marketing makes using with mobile channels like sms and mms messaging, mobile apps, messaging apps, mobile  browser sites to reach customers, delivering message ,how information impact customer device, in market capture location sensitive information of customer. Currently 80 percent users are using mobile device to search internet, online transaction done with mobile devices, consumers spend five hour or more each day smartphones, about 70pecent web traffic from mobile devices.

Working style of Mobile Marketing

Across the globe, smartphones play big role in consumer lives, companies are investing M marketing strategies, current trend going mobile advertising, sms marketing, In Mmarketing, mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices appears ads on mobile screen, to a day people are visiting websites, reading emails buying product are serviced via their smartphones, if you need reach target market, go where your customer go their cell phones. Many social media platforms, website, mobile apps offer their own unique mobile ad options. M marketing, mobile devices a vital tool of business of all sizes. The brands and service providers they participants mobile advertising the market.

What are the types of Mobile Marketing

Different types marketing ad formats are

Mobile app marketing

Mainly mobile advertising make with mobile applications, using with apps possible variety advertisements, like image ads, banner, videos. some  people are approaching advertiser to create mobile ads that appear third party mobile apps.

QR codes

QR code is a quick response code is a type of barcode, it can be read easily with digital devices, stores information be pixels in square shape grid. QR codes are use for scan using with mobile phones, purchase any items QR code help to no need liquid money. QR code combine physical and digital marketing

Sms marketing

Sms means short message services, marketing is sending text message to making marketing, this marketing makes message to offers, updates, and reminder to customers. Text message boast  a 98 percent read rate with 95 percent being read with first 3 minutes.43 percent customers interact with a brand via text message.

Mobile image ads

In mobile devices appears in the image ad, in the image have business services, or products, if people click ad image, there will take company website.

Mobile search ads

In mobile devices appears ad webpage and apps  viewed  ad, mobile is defined where that add can appear, like this search engine ads work. if you click that ad ,its take to click to call or map.

Location based markting

Location based ads are appears on mobile devices based on that user location, to make business specific area, the ads appear users to within 1 mile radius of their business.

Benfits of Mobile   Marketing

There is no matter what kind of business you have, if enter into M marketing, it open door to new audience, allow customers in an instant, and cost effective

For benfits are Large audience, accessibility to a broad audience, personalization, localization, creativity.

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