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What is Reputation Management

Online reputation management(ORM) is a online management of person,business, brand.Online reputation management shows how to improve your brand, customer trust,avoid negentive coments,and generate more sales.

Online reputation management closely maintain relationship with public,monitoring  and manage brand of product, get positive response for both online and offline.

Types of media channels

Majorly thaere are four media channels is there

Paid media

Paid media is marketing you  pay for, it is used to promote content in get direct traffic.In paid media make paid ads on google, social media, sponsored posts,promote with influencers,our online content promote your brand, paid media is much better to easily reach to audience.

Earned media

Earned media is make publicity method of  with out paid advertising, earned media is essentially online word of mouth, usually the form of mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations,with using third party sites, earned media have strong organic ranking on seo,first page ranking, good content are typically biggest drivers of earned media.You can get earned coverage organically through reviews.

Shared media

In shared media marketing companies are creates and shares content to their customers and followers in social media. In this shared get heavy engagements from customers, companies are mainly focus shared media because get benfits increased brand awareness,improved customer relationships,and even increased sales automatically.Some shared media channels are social media, blogs,forum,email marketing.

Owned media

Owned media is any online property owned and controlled by a brand,using with a blog,website or social media channels, to make publicity their product to potential reach customers and followers.Some of  owned media channels are company blog, newsroom, self hosted videos, webinars, email marketing.

How Reputation manage ment helps your business

Reputation management is important because impact on sales,For any business strive to grow, they need to be aware of public image, a business image can make your business.this points are important for reputation mangements are maintaining professional image, effective online process, handling rumours and misleading information,higher revenue, customer trust and creadibility.It impact buying decisions, it helps you deal with negative reviews,it provides valuable feedback.

Reputation management tools

Reputation managements may consist tons of websites, social media platforms, and other channels, public shares opinion about business brands, in order to make easier, reputation tools exist for work, tool search the internet for different objectives, many times tools can make to monitoring, analysis publishing tools, in reputation monitoring tool research the web where keyword is mentioned in article or websites, monitoring tools research social media platform.

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