11 Tips to Boost Instagram Reach

Post at the right time

Instagram’s algorithm tends to highlight new posts because they’re considered more relevant.

Experiment with different types of post

Instagram has come a long way since its inception. Once limited to just static single images, users now have a lot more options in terms of the types of posts they can share, including carousel posts, videos, Reels, Stories, and more.

Get smart with hashtag

When it comes to your hashtag strategy, prioritize quality over quantity. Though Instagram does let you put up to 30 hashtags per post and up to 10 hashtags per story, thoughtlessly stuffing your posts with hashtags is rarely an effective approach.

Reach multiple communities with Instagram Collab

Collaborations in general have long been a popular strategy for reaching a new audience, but this feature makes doing so on Instagram a breeze by eliminating the clutter of duplicate posts.

Encourage engagement with contests and giveaway

Most effective Instagram contests or giveaways provide an incentive for people to interact with the post by having entries be tied to particular actions, especially those that’ll get more eyes on your brand.

Use interactive stickers on your Stories and Reel

Available on both Stories and Reels, these stickers are designed to spark participation from viewers and, as a result, signal to the algorithm that your posts are engaging and should be served more prominently on users’ feeds.

Spotlight user-generated content

Posting user-generated content (UGC) is another great way to boost engagement and reach on Instagram.

Interact with your audience as an active Instagram user

It would make little sense for a brand to constantly request engagement just to leave its audience hanging. Communication is a two-way street.

Go Live

This feature also has the added advantage of automatic post notifications.  Unlike regular post notifications where they have to “subscribe” to a particular account, Live notifications can be sent out for any profile that they follow.

Amplify your reach with a boosted post

They’re different from paid ads in that they’re created from already-published posts and have more customization options when it comes to targeting. T

Track, analyze, and benchmark your performance

Your Instagram reach should be tracked over time so you can observe trends. It should be assessed in relation to your audience size, as well as in comparison to the industry benchmarks and your competitors’ performance.

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