7 Most Effective Type Of Digital Marketing

Paid Advertising

The paid ads made for search engines appear on top of the SERP, before the organic results. They always come with an “Ad” favicon, to warn the user.

Instant Message Marketing

When your clients need support, they can get in touch with these channels to obtain a quick answer, which is very positive for your brand and the relationship between it and your customers.

Instant Message Marketing

They can make public tests of your products and show their public the results, no matter positive or negative. Therefore, they have the power to praise or destroy your brand.

Mobile Marketing

Google research shows that 27% of the global population uses voice search on mobile, and the consumer journey is becoming increasingly complex.

Video Marketing

Video marketing strategies are being used to drive results throughout the marketing funnel, likewise blog posts and emails.

Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing deserves some attention from marketers. Even don’t have the same dynamic as videos, formats like podcasts are increasingly being consumed.

Virtual Reality Marketing

VR or Virtual Reality is already in our lives and may be used by marketers to achieve a brand’s audience. It brings the ability to give your public an immersive experience with the brand, product, or service.

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