7 pillars of effective modern marketing

Marketing and Brand strategy

Outline business and marketing plan. No brand plan or long - term vision. Long - term marketing and brand plans. Digitally aligned integrated strategy and roadmap. Agile business and brand strategy.

Digital marketing strategy

No dedicated strategy. Outline plan with priority activties. Defined annual plan and digital initiative roadmap. 90 - days optimization approach. Agile strategic approach.

Data and insight

No digital KPIs or Analytics customization. Main volume goals defined and analytics customizeed. Quality goals defined. Marketing dashboards.Value goals defined. Use attribution models. Lifetime value KPIs. Predictive analytics.

Digital media

No plan to increase Reach. No Campaign process. Outline acqusition plan. No sreach , social media or PR plans or forecasts. Detalied acquisition plan with targets forecast.Campaign process. Integrated online and offline media plans. Media optimized for ROi and customer lifetime value.

Content marketing strategy

No Strategy to encourage interactions and leads. Limited content marketing ssets. Full lifecycle content marketing strategy and assets. Content  marketing ROI define. Content portfolio optimized.

Digital Experience

No Plans to increase interaction , conversion or engagement. Personas and journey maps defined.Regular some tests and customer feedback . Simple personalization. Full structured CRO experiment programme. AI - based personalization and optmization.

Digital Messaging

Basic email promotions and newsletters. Simple welcome Strategy. Contact automaton plan across RACE. Full lifecyle automation conversational messaging. AI - optimized contact strategy.

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